The very nature of the work involved to generate and transmit electricity requires handling and use of a variety of potential environmental contaminants such as fuel oils, lubricating oils and chemicals. In 2005, Hydro used approximately 15 million litres of diesel fuel and 340 million litres of No. 6 fuel oil to generate electricity. As part of standard operating procedures, Hydro strives to reduce the potential for leaks and spills. However, incidents can occur and are most often the result of equipment failure, unanticipated hazards, and occasionally, human error.

Being prepared for such an incident is critical to mounting a quick and effective response to minimize impacts on people and the environment. Hydro has developed Environmental Emergency Response Plans (EERP) to quickly, effectively and safely deal with such incidents. Within Hydro, all personnel who handle or work around petroleum products receive training related to the EERP and, when applicable, specific operating procedures have been developed to facilitate the safe handling of the products used.

Hydro had three reportable spill and leak incidents in 2005. None of the spills were of a significant volume or entered a water body. The approximate volume for all reportable spills was 160 litres, down from 523 litres in 2004. All reportable spills involved petroleum products or its derivatives, with 40 per cent being non-PCB-contaminated transformer oil and 60 per cent being glycol. It should be noted that one of the reportable incidents was a leak of unknown quantity, which was reported at one of our standby gas turbine generating facilities.

CF(L)Co had five reportable spills in 2005, two of which entered water bodies. The total volume of oil was 305 litres of petroleum type products, an unknown quantity of transformer oil from the switchyard, and 100 litres of glycol from the town arena. The unknown quantity of transformer oil was released from the switchyard due to a water main break that intercepted oily soil and resulted in oily water runoff from the yard.

The total volume of liquid reportable spills cleaned up is estimated. The estimations are based on 100 per cent recovery of spills or leaks on soil. In all spills from our distribution system, Hydro recovered contaminated soil and verified, through sampling, that the level remaining was within acceptable levels.

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