In 2003, Hydro launched its conservation education program – Hydrowise. The program is an education initiative aimed at provoking interest in energy conservation and assisting residents of this province to better manage their energy usage. This initiative reflects our continued commitment to our customers and all residents in conserving energy and ultimately managing our resources. Hydrowise will continue to educate and inform customers over time in a continuous and consistent manner.

Conservation is not a one-time effort; it is something that has to be integrated into everyone’s way of thinking. We are committed to providing customers with the information they need to make wise decisions and take action to better manage their energy usage.


In 2005, Hydro went back to school. The company launched the Hydrowise School Pilot Program aimed at educating Grade 2 and 3 students about conservation. By talking to children, we are also educating their families on the practices that can reduce their energy usage. This fun and interactive program was piloted at Bay D’Espoir Academy in the fall. Integrated into the class curriculum, teachers were given a kit of resources to lead their classes through a series of Secret Missions designed to take them from Agents in Training to Hydrowise Special Agents. Feedback from the pilot was overwhelmingly positive and plans are underway to expand the program to other schools and grades in the province.

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