Hydro’s Environmental Management System (EMS) allows for the management of our environmental affairs and is applied to all activities, products and services that can have impact on the environment. Overseeing the operational management of the EMS is the Management Representatives Committee (MR Committee) with representatives from each of the Management Areas (MA)within the EMS. The MR Committee provides advice to a senior EMS Steering Committee which oversees the EMS on a corporate level.

The MR Committee meets on a regular basis and provides the following:

  • an open exchange of information, approaches and ideas related to EMS development and implementation;
  • maintenance of consistent application of Corporate EMS procedures, and direction from the EMS Steering Committee;
  • a single point of communication between the EMS Steering Committee and top management in each MA; and
  • a forum for training and mentoring newly appointed Management Representatives.

The MR Committee keeps a global watch over the progress and development of Environmental Management Programs within each MA to ensure the overall approach and philosophy of Hydro’s commitment to environmental responsibility and responsiveness is upheld every day. The successful completion of the registration process for ISO 14001 across the Corporation is reflective of the efforts of Hydro’s MR Committee.

In 2005, the MR Committee included: David Kiell, Corporate MA; Louis Barnes, Hydro Operations MA; Cindy Hayes, CF(L)Co MA; Rod Healey, Services MA; Wayne Rice, Holyrood MA; and Paul Smith, Transmission and Rural Operations MA.


While everyone at Hydro plays an important role in ensuring the organization meets its environmental commitments, the Environmental Services Department has the lead responsibility for areas of environmental reporting, environmental impact and site assessment, environmental auditing, identifying appropriate environmental standards, and tracking environmental issues. As well, the Department provides advice and service to all divisions in Hydro to assist them with their legislative compliance responsibilities.

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