Hydro is committed to community partnerships with other agencies and organizations to achieve common environmental objectives. Through shared human and financial resources we can work together to compile a body of knowledge and experience that can assist all partners in environmental decision-making.


Hydro partnered with the MUN Botanical Garden, continuing its commitment to environmental responsibility in a new and innovative way. The partnership was developed as a result of Hydro’s efforts to reconstruct a fish habitat that would compensate for the habitat lost through the building of the Granite Canal Hydroelectric development.MUN Botanical Garden was able to provide Hydro with native plants, not available at local plant nurseries, by collecting seeds and/or cuttings from the area. MUN Botanical Garden then propagated these seeds and cuttings and assisted with the planting and monitoring of the growth along the riverbanks of the compensation facility. The propagation of particular local species from seeds, cutlings and culture to provide the number of plants required has been a challenge and has resulted in delays in the original planting schedule. Approximately 30,000 plants and seedlings were planted by hand at the Granite Canal Fish Habitat Compensation Facility in 2005. Up to 70,000 more will be planted as part of the program in 2006.


Out of our partnership with the MUN Botanical Garden grew a summer camp for children of Hydro employees held in July 2005. The children got an opportunity to experience first hand all the Botanical Garden had to offer. From various habitats such as boreal forests and wetlands, to animals like the snowshoe hare, green frogs, butterflies and insects, the children learned and experienced a wide variety during the week-long camp.

The children also got to hear from the Green Team about the importance of conservation, and they even became Green Team Police tasked with helping to bust environmental abusers. A visit from a Water Quality Officer, crafts, movies, and journal writing rounded out their exploration of nature and all the critters and plants that live at the Botanical Garden.


Hydro has a long-standing relationship with the Conservation Corps of Newfoundland and Labrador. In 2005, Hydro sponsored the Coast of Bays Arts and Exploration Centre Green Team, which focused on the creation of a trail way surrounding the Coast of Bays Arts and Exploration Centre in the Bay D’Espoir area. Components of the trail development included conducting an inventory of the surrounding flora and fauna, designing interpretive signage to explain the regenerative process that occurred in the area of the trail and performing tours along the trail to highlight the plants, animals, history and culture of the area. The team of four also held five Environmental Awareness Days for community groups ranging from children to seniors.


In 2005, Hydro continued its partnership with the Conservation Corps to support the Climate Change Education Centre (CCEC). The CCEC develops and delivers innovative education and outreach programs to educate the public on climate change and influence how they respond to this environmental concern.

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