Many employees within the Hydro Group play a significant role in environmental protection by virtue of the tasks they perform on a daily basis. We are proud of their competence and commitment.

We also have a group of environmental specialists whose role is to provide leadership, advice, and technical services to the operating and service parts of the business, and Executive Management. The Environmental Services and Properties Department in St. John's is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds in environmental technology and management and are responsible for:

  • Reporting - prepare a wide-range of reports to communicate the Hydro Group's environmental performance to internal and external stakeholders;
  • Environmental Assessment - assess actual or predicted environmental impacts of the Hydro Group's activities, operations, and past practices on the natural environment, and recommend ways to mitigate these impacts;
  • Auditing - determine the extent of the Hydro Group's compliance with obligations and commitments, and conformance of EMSs to the ISO 14001 standard;
  • Standard Setting - define environmental performance standards for the Hydro Group, which clarify its Environmental Policy and Guiding Principles;
  • Tracking Legislation and Issue Development - monitor the development of new legislation, emerging environmental issues, management techniques and technologies;
  • Environmental Services - provide technical expertise to undertake or manage specialized environmental tasks that are required by operational and service departments.

This core group of environmental specialists reflects the commitment of the Hydro Group to its responsibility to excellence in environment management.

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