The Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro Group of Companies (Hydro Group) maintains a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. That commitment is evident in a number of projects that were completed this past year. The new Fish Habitat Compensation Facility, constructed in conjunction with the development at Granite Canal, has set the benchmark for such projects across the country. A Continuous Emissions Monitoring System has been installed at the Holyrood Thermal Plant to assist in environmental monitoring and unit efficiency. The plant also hosted over 200 members of the public to its fifth annual Open House during Environment Week in 2003. We are committed to ongoing communication with local residents. The Holyrood Community Liaison Committee has been in place now for over five years and enables plant staff to meet with local representatives, discuss concerns and share operational and environmental data.

There have been many successes this year and none that makes us more proud than having all our divisions receive ISO 14001 certification. This is a major accomplishment and certification provides us with a solid framework for environmental management and continual improvement.

Our commitment to the environment can also be seen throughout all Hydro Group departments and divisions, and all our employees are aware of our Environmental Policy and Guiding Principles. Leading our environmental programs is our Environmental Services and Properties Department; that is comprised of an exceptionally talented team of ecologists and technicians who ensure that Hydro is meeting its environmental objectives. I would like to commend them for their ongoing commitment to their work, the environment and our organization.

The nature of our business - power generation and transmission - often raises environmental concern. We are committed to managing our operations to reduce our environmental impact while balancing our mandate to provide our customers with cost-effective and reliable power. I encourage you to read our Environmental Performance Report and as always, I welcome your feedback.

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