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Bay d'Espoir Hydroelectric Generating Facility

Facility head: 176 metres
Year of service: 1967
Plant capacity: 604 megawatts (MW)

Annual energy:  2,650 gigawatt hours (GWh)


The headwaters of the Bay d'Espoir system begin at Victoria Lake at an approximate elevation of 320 meters.  Through a man-made array of dams and canals, this water is directed to generating plants at Granite Canal, Upper Salmon and, finally, 150 km from Victoria Lake to its final tidewater destination at Bay d'Espoir.  Water is collected, stored and diverted from a number of drainage areas beween Victoria Lake and Long Pond, the forebay for the two Bay d'Espoir generating stations.

The seven generating units at Bay d'Espoir utilize approximately 176 m of head to produce a rated output of 604 MW with a rated flow of 397 m3/s.  The plant produces an average of 2,650 GWh annually, making it the largest hydroelectric plant on the Island.

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